Understanding Invisalign®

Invisalign® has a lot to offer for anyone wishing to have a straight and enchanting smile. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of Invisalign, people wishing to receive braces without being noticed are finally available.

Invisalign is made of smooth, clear, thin, custom-made aligners that snap directly over your teeth, while gently pushing your teeth into place. Because they are clear and snap over your teeth, they are not easily noticed by others so you can straighten your smile discreetly.

Invisalign can assist with many different problems your teeth might have. These problems include:

• Overbites
• Crossbites
• Underbites
• Crowding of the teeth
• Spacing between the teeth

Invisalign is easy to maintain without a burden on your personal life. Because Invisalign can be easily removed by snapping on and off, there is no food restrictions and you can brush and floss your teeth easily as you regularly would.

If you would like to find out if Invisalign can work for you, please call our office. We are here to help answer and address any concerns you have pertaining to your oral care. So, call us today at 360.727.6976 and schedule an appointment. Let us help you receive the straight, enchanting smile you always dreamed of.