How to Find Relief from Canker Sore Pain

If you’re currently annoyed with a canker sore, our Smiles Dental team has some helpful tips for you!

If you do the following things, you will be able to promote healing and avoid the pain and discomfort you despise:

-Avoid eating foods that can irritate your mouth, like spicy, acidic, and citrus foods.

-Avoid chewing gum because it can bother your sore and make the situation worse.

-Keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush after each meal. We also recommend flossing your smile at least once a day. Doing these things will help keep food particles and debris away from the sore.

-Talk to your dentist about medications that can relieve your pain, like antimicrobial mouth rinse, corticosteroid ointment, or over-the-counter solution.

If your canker sore is unusually large, if it begins to spread, if it provides intolerable pain, if it involves a high fever, or if it makes swallowing difficult, it’s best to call 360.727.6976 at your earliest convenience and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ken Killpack. Canker sores in Ridgefield, Washington, can be a symptom related to major dental issues, and it’s important to get them examined right away if they have these characteristics. We look forward to improving your oral health and providing you with the comfort you deserve!